Piano Moving Checklist 

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Henry Vuong
  • February 5, 2021

Planning a Piano Move? It’s Easy if You Follow This Checklist!

Let’s be honest, a piano is an expensive, uniquely shaped, sensitive, and extremely heavy instrument that’s awkward to move. It takes a professional team to move a piano safely from point A to point B.

The following checklist provides a comprehensive overview of everything a piano owner must consider in order to have a successful move. 

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1. Confirm there is a clear path for the move. It’s best to communicate (prior to the move) with your piano moving company about any obstacles the movers may encounter (at both locations). Obstacles can include uneven ground, grass, broken pavement, spiral staircases, tight spaces, and corners. During wintery months, ensure snow and ice are cleared from the moving path before the movers arrive.

2. Accurate information is important. By knowing the correct number of steps, the moving company will be able to provide you with an accurate quote. It is also important to know and relay the dimensions (primarily height) of your piano so you will not be surprised with additional charges.

3. Ensure the piano moving company has good customer reviews. By checking out the Google reviews and testimonials on the company webpage, you can get a glimpse of what to expect. 

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4. Ensure the piano moving company is properly insured and WSIB compliant. Sometimes, accidents happen and your instrument is the one that takes the brunt of it all. Insurance can’t prevent these things from happening, but they can help make the situation right in the aftermath.

5. Have a plan for securing your pets. As much as we love interacting with your furry friends, their safety during the move is paramount.

6. Book a piano tuning after the move. Although a piano is robust and can take a lot of use and abuse, they are also very sensitive to changes in environment. A bouncy move in the back of a truck can often shake things loose, meaning your piano will require a tuning after it arrives and settles. Our sister company Paul Hahn & Co. recommends allowing the piano to settle and acclimatize for 3-4 weeks before having it tuned. At Rosedale Piano Movers, we can coordinate that with you. We have partnered with Paul Hahn & Co to be able to offer 10% off your piano tuning when you book a move with us. They have some of the country’s best piano technicians.  

The Final Step!

Now that you’ve checked off all the items on our checklist, reach out to us at info@rosedalepianovers.com, visit here or call us at 416-929-1915 to obtain a quote. Piano moving doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Let our professional crew do the heavy lifting for you.