Our Services

Dedicated and Experienced Piano Movers based in the Heart of Toronto

Private Piano Moves

We can assist you when your moving to your new home, buying or selling a piano, or even when gifting or donating a piano!

Piano Storage

We can store all kinds of pianos, both short and long-term, in our secure, temperature-controlled, and monitored facility.

Internal Piano Moves

If you're redecorating or reorganizing, we can assist you in moving your piano to the perfect new spot within your home!

Commercial Piano Moves

We are always eager and ready to help with moving pianos for a diverse range of occasions including concerts, corporate events, film sets and more.


We are happy to sell or rent our equipment and accessories for your piano or to help in your move. 


Is it time for your piano to go to "Piano Heaven"? Let us help you dispose of your piano properly! Want a keepsake? Ask us about upcyclying!

Need your piano tuned?

Our sister company Paul Hahn & Co. can help! If we moved your piano please let them know as they offer 10% off your first tuning after moving with us!

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Piano Moving

Traditional piano moves are done with a crew of three trained and experienced individuals who, using their skills and equipment, safely transport the piano to wherever it is going.

All piano moves are different and some can require a bit more than traditional. Our crew is trained to ensure the safety of themselves and your property above all else and they will always do their best to get the job done.

If you'd like to move your piano but are unsure if what you want can be done please contact us! Our expert team is always ready to talk through a difficult move and work out the safest path to get your piano perfectly in place! 

Piano Storage Solutions

Whether your piano needs a few days, a few months or a few years in storage we have you covered. Our storage facility is secure, clean and organized. Our facility is temperature controlled and regularly monitored by our staff to ensure that your piano is all right. Then whenever you are ready we will deliver the piano to you at the soonest possible date.

If you have questions about storing a piano or our facility please contact us!

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Equipment and Accessories

If you needed to rent or buy piano moving or storage equipment we are here to help. We have blankets, straps, skids and more and we are happy to rent or sell them to you depending on your need.

We are also able to supply accessories for your piano like dollies, custom coasters, covers and more. Please contact us and we would be happy to get you what you need!

Why do We Ask about Steps?

We ask about steps for two reasons!

The first and most important is safety. To make sure we are moving your piano as safely as possible we need to be as prepared as possible. Pianos are incredibly heavy and very difficult to maneuver. However, our crew when informed and ready, gets it done right every time!

The second reason is that because we have a step-share bonus program with our crew. Moving pianos is demanding work so we like to take every opportunity we can to reward a job well done! 

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